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EZIDRI Snackmaker FD500

199 EUR

The food dehydrator EZIDRI FD500 Snackmaker excels in the great price/performance ratio. It features a digital control, allowing users to set the temperature in the range of 30-60 °C. The patented system of hot-air circulation ensures constant temperature and uniform drying over all trays. Of course, there is a high-quality thermostat ensuring the constant drying temperature.

The great advantage of the EZIDRI FD500 Snackmaker consists in its capacity. The diameter of the trays is 34 cm and their number can be extended from five trays up to fifteen ones, thus increasing the dehydrator capacity three times, without compromising the drying quality. The additional accessories, such as foil trays or meshes, further expand their possibility of using this reliable dehydrator.

  • Control:digital
  • Temperature range:30 - 60 °C
  • Timer:1 - 24 hod.
  • Weight:3.4 kg
  • Diameter:340 mm
  • Height:260 mm
  • Maximum number of trays:15

Uniform Drying

For sure, you know this when drying - the constant checking whether the fruits and vegetables are being dried uniformly in each tray. Many of cheaper dehydrators cannot maintain the same temperature in all trays, so you have no choice but to swap the trays constantly. With the EZIDRI dehydrators, these worries have gone away – these devices feature the special patented air circulation, so that all parts of the dehydrator have the same temperature. Thanks to the built-in fan, warm air passes through the dehydrator repeatedly. Therefore, it is enough to “reheat” the air to the desired temperature, thus saving electricity. The EZIDRI dehydrators consume about 0.45 kWh for drying 1 kg fruit. Cheap dehydrators often feature significantly higher temperature.


The basic version of dehydrator EZIDRI FD500 Snackmaker has five trays with a diameter of 34 cm. However, you can extend the dehydrator with more trays, maintaining the top quality and uniformity of drying. By adding trays, you can triple the capacity of the model FD500 Snackmaker - it can accommodate up to 15 trays. This number is recommended as the maximum quantity for drying herbs and flowers. To dry fresh fruits and vegetables directly on trays, use a maximum of 12 trays in order to maintain the high quality.

Digital control

The control of the dehydrator is very simple, and everyone can manage it. You can set the desired temperature in the range from 30 to 60 °C (by 5°C-increments). Setting the drying time is similarly easy; you can choose from an interval of 1 to 24 hours. After the drying time, the dehydrator switches off automatically. When setting the temperature and drying time, always consider the type of material and the degree of moisture.


The basic version includes five trays, one solid sheet and one mesh sheet. The solid sheets are used mainly to dry paste-like fillings, such as fruit, vegetable or yoghurt purees. After drying, they become great and tasty treats, which are significantly healthier substitutes for the sweets (especially the ones popular with children). The mesh sheet is then used for drying brittle stuff, such as herbs or tea leaves, and/or to dry small berries, such as blueberries or blackberries. The mesh inserts and foil trays (similar to the trays) are made of completely safe materials (BPA-free).

Fruit, Vegetables, Mushrooms... and Many More

With the dehydrators, you can dry fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, and a number of other stuff. With the EZIDRI dehydrators, you can also easily prepare dried meat (jerky) or excellent fruit and vegetable pancakes and rolls. They are great snacks, a healthy substitute for sweets rich in calories. They are also the basis for amazing desserts. If you are RAW FOOD supporters, you will sure appreciate the dehydrator EZIDRI FD500 Snackmaker. Thanks to heat treatment at a temperature under about 45 °C, enzymes, trace elements and, above all, vitamins sensitive to the temperature, which would be otherwise destroyed by cooking, are fully preserved. The special air-circulation in the EZIDRI dehydrators ensures a constant temperature and air flow throughout drying. The circular shape of the EZIDRI dehydrators, the very precise temperature control as well as the thermostat control located directly at the air inlet contribute to these features. For this reason, the EZIDRI dehydrators are suitable for the treatment and preservation of raw food and for the preparation of various recipes in the RAW-FOOD quality.

Quality and Reliability

The EZIDRI dehydrators were developed in New Zealand. Their development began three decades ago. A lot of generations of these dehydrators have been sold in all continents. The EZIDRI dehydrators retain top quality in the long term and a minimum rate of complaints. Thanks to this, we can provide our customers with above-standard five-year warranty.