Solid Sheet (FD500)

In stock (>20 pcs)

A solid sheetis allows you to dry fruit and vegetable rolls-ups or for dehydrating whole meals and soups. Simply put one on an empty tray before loading your dehydrator and carefully disperse a filling of your choice on it in a thin layer.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The EZIDRI dehydrators provide an amazing versatility - in addition to classic dried produce, you can also dry other, less traditional foods, and prepare tasty snacks, granola, crackers and other treats for your loved ones – both children and pets. With a solid sheet in your Ezidri, you can even make your own whole cooked dehydrated meals!

With a solid sheet you can also dry various fillings and purees from fruits, vegetables or yogurth. You can easily create beautiful dried fruit rolls ups and leather. This solid sheet is compatible with Ezidri FD500 Snackmaker and you can use up to 10 of them at once without losing the quality of drying. The solid sheets are made of high quality and BPA free and food grade material.

Additional parameters

Diameter: 32 cm
Pieces: 1 pc
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