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Uniform Drying

The unique and patented system of air distribution ensures a constant temperature in all mesh trays of the dehydrator. The round design of the EZIDRI dehydrator and its special fan allow repeated air passage through the dehydrator, which reduces energy costs significantly.

At the same time, the system maintains the constant temperature in all the trays as well as uniform drying. With the EZIDRI dehydrators, you can forget about the annoying tray “swapping”, which is typical of poor-quality dehydrators.

(Almost) Infinite Capacity

One of the biggest benefits of the EZIDRI dehydrators consists in refitting it with additional trays, maintaining the drying quality. The dehydrators will not be surprised by even several baskets of mushrooms or an inrush harvest in the fruit orchard.

The basic five trays can be expanded to fifteen trays in the smaller model Snackmaker, and even to thirty trays in the model ULTRA FD1000, without compromising the drying quality. The capacity of such an equipped machine is already close to the capacity of professional devices.

Extensive Accessories

Besides the additional trays increasing the capacity, the EZIDRI dehydrators can be equipped with other accessories. Solid sheets are ideal tools for drying fruit, vegetable or yoghurt purees, and preparing great healthy desserts.

You will appreciate mesh sheets when drying brittle ingredients, such as herbs, tea leaves, and drying small berries (such as blueberries, cranberries and others). As an addition, we recommend the great apple slicer and peeler.

Not Only Fruit and Vegetables…

Your imagination (and the abilities of the EZDRI dehydrators) are not limited. Therefore, you can dry more than only fruit and vegetables. All in all, the nation of mushroom pickers knows. In addition to mushrooms, the EZIDRI dehydrator will perfectly dry meat, thus you can prepare delicious jerky, which will give you the necessary nutrients, for example, during a mountain hike.

You can also dry herbs, tea leaves, nuts. The EZIDRI dehydrators also prepare healthy snacks for you kids or treats for your pets.

Ideal for RAW Diet Preparation

Perhaps even you are addicted to the magic and phenomenon of RAW food, i.e. the consumption of food in its most original form. Such dishes should be prepared at a maximum temperature of 42 - 45 °C, since at higher temperatures, enzymes in the food begin to be destroyed.

The EZIDRI dehydrators are capable of precise drying from as low as 30 °C. Therefore, they have received great popularity among raw-diet fans.

Tradition and Reliability

The long-term development and years of experience of the New Zealand company Hydraflow are reflected in the extraordinary reliability of the EZIDRI dehydrators. The latest digital version of both the models is not the first generation of these popular dehydrators.

The minimum level of claims and long-term customers’ satisfaction have been the rule for decades. It is no exception when we hear from our customers even fifteen years after they purchased the (still working) EZIDRI dehydrator.