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EZIDRI food dehydrators

Quality food drying
with patented air circulation technology.

Ultra capacity

EZIDRI ULTRA FD1000 food dehydrator can be equipped
with up to 30 trays without drying quality loss.


You can also employ additional solid sheets for drying favourite fruit roll-ups
or mesh sheets for drying herbs or tea leaves.

Get inspired!

In EZIDRI dehydrators you can perfectly dry not only fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs or jerky,
but also prepare great tidbits for children or pets.


Even drying

The unique and patented air circulation system ensures constant temperature in all trays and thus even drying.

Ideal for RAW FOOD

EZIDRI dryers are capable of precise drying at temperatures from as low as 30° C, so important enzymes remain in food.


EZIDRI dryers can be equipped with additional trays and thus increase their capacity while maintaining the quality of drying.

Tradition and reliablity

The long-term development and years of experience of the New Zealand producer are reflected in the extraordinary reliability of EZIDRI dryers.

Other benefits

EZIDRI products