Tray (FD1000)

In stock (>20 pcs)

Expand your EZIDRI FD1000 Ultra with additional trays and boost drying capacity of your EZIDRI dehydrator up to 6 times!

Detailed information

Product detailed description

One of the biggest advantages of the EZIDRI dehydrators consists in its expandable capacity by using additional trays, while maintaining the drying quality. The capacity of the EZIDRI FD1000 Ultra can be expanded from five trays to a total of 30 trays.

Thanks to these extra trays, you can turn your EZIDRI FD1000 Ultra into a truly professional dehydrator. Simply place the extra trays on top of your basic equippment and start drying. Along with the unique airflow system, the product’s precise thermostat ensures the drying quality is maintained on all trays.

The trays are made of special ABS plastic with long-term fruit acid resistance. This durable material is BPA free and food grade certified. Compatible with Ezidri FD1000 Ultra.

Additional parameters

Diameter: 39 cm
Pieces: 1 pc
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