Food Dehydrator Ezidri Snackmaker FD500 Digital

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The FD500 Snackmaker Digital Dehydrator excels in the price/performance ratio.  It features a microcomputer-controlled circuitry, allowing you to set the temperature in the range of 30 - 60 °C. The unique heated airflow pattern providing fast and even drying over all trays.

The great advantage of the EZIDRI FD500 Snackmaker is in its capacity. With its 34 cm diameter and optional expansion from five up to fifteen trays, the drying capacity increases three times, all without compromising the drying quality.

The trays are made of special ABS plastic with long-term fruit acid resistance. This durable material is food grade certified.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

Even drying

You know how it is  - checking constantly whether your harvest or snacks are being dried evenly on each tray. Many cheaper dehydrators cannot maintain the same temperature on all trays, leaving you with no choice but to continuously swap the trays. With an EZIDRI dehydrator, you can relax and let it do its thing – this device features a unique heated airflow pattern, so that all parts of the dehydrator keep the same temperature. Thanks to a special fan and revolutionary construction, warm air passes through the dehydrator repeatedly. This way it can recycle and “reheat” the air to the desired temperature, thus also saving energy. The EZIDRI dehydrator consumes about 0.45 kWh for drying 1 kg fruit. Cheap dehydrators often feature significantly higher power consumption.



The EZIDRI FD500 Snackmaker model includes 5 trays of 34 cm in diameter. However, you can up to tripple the capacity to as many as 15 trays, all while maintaining top quality and uniformity of drying. This amount is recommended as a maximum quantity for drying delicates, e.g. herbs and flowers. Use a maximum of 12 trays for drying fresh fruits and vegetables directly on trays in order to maintain the highest quality.

Digital control

The microcomputer-controlled circuitry allows for a simple and user-friendly soft touch digital control. You can set the desired temperature in the range from 30 to 60 °C (by 5°C-increments). Setting the drying time works the same; you can choose from among 1 to 24 hours intervals. After finishing the drying cycle, the dehydrator switches off automatically. When setting the temperature and drying time, always consider the type of material and the degree of moisture.


The dehydrator comes with five trays, one solid sheet and one mesh sheet. The solid sheets are used mainly to dry purees from fruit, vegetable or yoghurt. After drying, they become great and tasty treats, which are significantly healthier substitutes for store-bought sweets (especially the ones popular with children).You can also preprare crackers, müsli as well as dehydrated meals and soups for your next camping holiday. The mesh sheets are great for drying brittle stuff, such as herbs or tea leaves, and/or to dry small items, such as blueberries or blackberries. The solid and mesh sheets are made of completely safe food grade material (BPA-free).

Quality and Reliability

The EZIDRI dehydrators were developed in New Zealand three whole decades ago. Many  generations of these dehydrators have been sold all over the world. The EZIDRI dehydrators retain top quality in the long product life and minimal complaint rate. Thanks to this, we can provide our customers with above-standard five-year warranty.

Additional parameters

Diameter: 34 mm
Temperature: 30 - 60 °C
Timer: 1 - 24 hours
Control: digital
Height: 26 cm
Weight: 3,4 kg
Average power consumption: 100 - 200 W
Power consumption: max. 500 W
Warranty: 5 years
Maximum capacity: 15 trays

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