Slicer and Peeler

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An indispensable tool for your kitchen. Small size but big performance. Apple slicer can easily cut apples at once, cut a core from them and, as a bonus, can peel them perfectly.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The apple slicer and peeler is a great addition to EZIDRI dehydrtors - it is designed for slicing fresh apples or harder pears into a spiral. This ingenious tool cuts out the core and peeles the apple at the same time (however, you can easily turn this feature off). By cutting the spiral, the apples are ready for further processing.

Evenly sliced slices (about 5 mm thick), are ready in no time and you just need to spread them on the trays of EZIDRI deyhdrators. Slices can also be used directly in cakes or fruit salads. The slicer is attached to any sufficiently smooth and firm surface with a rubber suction pad.

Slicing and peeling apples can be fun with this slicer. The slicer will save you valuable time and the quality of the peeling will surprise you - with an ordinary knife you will find it so difficult to achieve.

Your apple slicer and peeler:

  • precisely cuts the core
  • in a moment will cut the apples into a spiral
  • has an optional apple peeling function
  • saves a lot of valuable time
  • is easy to handle and maintain

EZIDRI Apple slicer and peeler

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