Mesh Sheet (FD500)

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This fine mesh is perfect for everything tiny, brittle or sticky! It keeps your berries, herbs and flowers on the trays without getting stuck or falling through the spokes.

It’s very pliable, making it easy for you to pick it up and collect the brittle produce. It also helps you get off the sticky stuff such as banana slices, tomatoes or jerky meat, which tend to stick to the trays while drying. Simply put one on an empty tray before loading it and enjoy the easiest unloading and collecting your dried produce. You can use them on as many trays as you need.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

The versatile EZIDRI dehydrators can be used to dry a wide range of foods - from ordinary fruits and vegetables, through mushrooms, meat, and healthy treats to small and brittle stuff such as herbs and tea.
Mesh sheets are mainly used for drying finer types of fruit (e.g. small berries), as well as for drying herbs, tea leaves and similar raw materials that may tend to crumble when dry.

They are also a great help when drying sticky foods such as banana slices or jerky. These mesh sheets are compatible with Ezidri FD500 Snackmaker and you can use them on all of up to 15 trays at once without losing the quality of drying. The mesh sheets are made of high quality and BPA free food grade material.

Additional parameters

Diameter: 32 cm
Pieces: 1 pc
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