Spacer Ring (FD1000 EZIDRI ULTRA), 1 pc

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A hollow extension tray for drying bulky produce or even hanging long stem flowers. This ring is a spokeless tray rim allowing normal heated air circulation throughout your Ezidri FD1000 Ultra.

Detailed information

Product detailed description

A spacer ring is a hollow rim of a tray used to raise the room between normal trays. This creates higher space for, e.g. your walnut harvest, whole mushrooms, your favourite spaghetti on a solid sheet or flowers and herbs on long stems.

The rings are made of special ABS plastic with long-term fruit acid resistance. This durable material is food grade certified. Compatible with Ezidri FD1000 Ultra. Do not overreach the maximum capacity of trays.

Additional parameters

Diameter: 39 cm
Pieces: 1 pc
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